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Monday             : 12 :00   Cardio-Strength Circuit (L & P)                   |

.                         : 17 :30  Body sculpt (L & P)                                        |

.                      : 18 :30   Spinning (P)                                                     |

.                      : 18 :30   Spinning (P)                                                     |

.                       :  20 :30   Aerobic training (L & P)                              |

Tuesday          : 10 :00   Cardio-Strength Circuit (L & P)                   |

.                       : 12 :00  Body sculpt (L & P)                                        |

.                      : 17 :30  Cardio-Boxe (L & P)                                       |

.                      : 18 :30   Spinning (P)                                                    |

.                       : 19 :30   Yoga (P)                                                          | 

.                      : 20 :30   Cardio-Strength Circuit (L & P)                   |

Wednesday     : 12 :00   Cardio-Strength Circuit (L & P)                   |

.                       : 17 :30  Body sculpt (L & P)                                        |

.                        : 18 :30   Spinning (P)                                                   |

.                        : 19 :30   Spinning (P)                                                   |

.                       : 20 :30   Yoga (P)                                                          |

Thursday          : 10 :00  Body sculpt (L & P)                                        |

.                        : 17 :30   Spinning (P)                                                  |

.                        : 18 :30   Spinning (P)                                                  |

.                       : 19 :30   Tabata Challenge (L & P)                                |

Friday             : 10 :00   Yoga (P)                                                          |

.                       : 12 :00  Body sculpt (L & P)                                        |

.                       :  17 :30   Aerobic training (L & P)                              |

Saturday               : 12 :00  Cardio-Boxe (L & P)                                       |

Sunday           : 10 :00  Step (L & P)                                                      |

.                          : 12 :00  Cardio-boxe Parents & Children (L & P)       | 




1. 60 minutes Training sessions by appointment. Please book

via the app or by calling us at 450-616-0244.

2. Arrive in a training outfit and ready for training

3. Designated boxes for your personal belongings

4. Hands and footwear disinfection upon entry

5. Disinfection of all training equipment after use

6. Mandatory face covering outside the training zones

7. One way circulation designated by arrows

8. Individual training zone identified with floor tape

9. Plexiglass surrounding the majority of individual training zones

10. Free Summer virtual fitness classes

(visit our website, Facebook page or email us at to participate)

11. Sunday morning new class: Parents-kids cardio-boxe (see Schedule below)

12. Showers are temporarily closed




by phone


by e-mail

Mindbody website

Androïd et IOS

Open the app « Gm gym » select « △ RENDEZ-VOUS » « ACCÈS À LA SALLE » followed by  « Les réservations » 

Choose and click on the desired training period. To confirm click on « Book Appointment » 

To cancel

Chose the « ▲ My Appointments » tab, click on the training period and « Cancel Appointment »

If you cannot attend your training session, please cancel your appointment as soon as possible to let other members train.

Sprint 8 for everyone

A cardiovascular workout program based on growth-hormone research. The whole workout lasts only 20 minutes but it can produce great results: marked decrease in adipose tissue, increased muscle mass and reduced cholesterol. All members have access to this workout following a physical evaluation.

Cardio-Muscular Workout

This workout takes place in several stages over a course. At each stage, you'll use a different piece of equipment and your trainer will determine how long each exercise lasts. Then you'll move on to the next stage. If you like variety, working up a sweat and testing your limits, this class is for you.

Spin SC3

The SC3 is no ordinary stationary bike. It has pushed athletes of the highest caliber to victory in some of the world's toughest competitions, like the Tour de France. It measures your pulse, your cadence and your power (watts) with precision and displays your data on a giant screen to help your trainer follow your progression and guide your workout.

Cardio Latino

An hour-long party that will make you forget you're working out. CARDIO LATINO fuses different Latin styles and features choreography that's easy to follow. Can improve your cardiovascular system, coordination and muscle tone.

Muscle Tone

In this class, you'll do between 8 and 15 reps with moderate weights. The goal is to increase your endurance while increasing muscle tone. It's an ideal way to sculpt your body without necessarily adding muscle mass.

ABT (abs, butt, thighs)

This class is the perfect blend of exercises for your abs, your butt and your thighs. You could see a rapid increase in muscle tone with this proven workout.

Mobility 101

Learn to move with greater ease and flexibility. The exercises in this class help dissolve adhesions that restrict movement, restore muscle balance around joints and reestablish the normal length of your muscle fibers.

Yoga strength and flexibility

This yoga class helps improve your posture, while increasing your strength and flexibility. This class is open to all members, even those who can't touch their toes.

Défi Tabata

It's intense. But it's worth every second. This workout is structured around eight 30-second rounds: 20 seconds of sustained effort and 10 seconds of rest. By increasing your basal metabolic rate (number of calories required to keep your body functioning at rest), a four-minute Tabata session could help you lose more adipose tissue (fat) than 60 minutes of biking or running. Level: intermediate to advanced.

Group workout (4 - 10 participants)

If working one-on-one with a kinesiologist isn't your thing, you can get the same type of workout, but with a small group. You'll have access to the best light equipment: Kettle bells, Bulgarian Bag, TRX and our functional workout cage, the Queenax—a versatile apparatus that could increase your functional strength (the strength you use in your daily activities), reinforce your core and improve your posture. You have to try it out.

Physical Evaluation

Starting a new workout program? Be sure to get a physical evaluation from one of our kinesiologists first. The evaluation takes a close look at your back health, your aerobic capacity, your body composition and your muscular-skeletal aptitude. Then, your results are compared to Canadian averages and explained to you in simple terms: excellent, very good, acceptable, needs improvement. All of this helps your kinesiologist put together a workout program that's safe and effective for you.

Evaluation of functional movement

The FMS Method (Functional Movement Screen) precisely evaluates your motor ability in everyday sports or life. A series of tests enable the FMS professional to produce a table of results that clearly show your strengths and your limits. As a result, a personalized exercise program is developed to help restore your fluidity and full range of movement.  

Calculation of body fat

Your body weight is a skewed measurement of your real body makeup. Using an adipometer (body fat calipers), we can measure the percentage of adipose tissue that is gained or lost. 

Private and Semi Private Training

If you'd like to work one-on-one with a kinesiologist but the cost seems a little high, semi-private training might be right for you. Choose your own workout partner (a member of GM Gym) and share the costs. If you'd rather, your kinesiologist can find someone appropriate to train with.   

Whether you want to lose weight, increase muscle mass, manage stress, learn to move more fluidly or train for a specific sporting event, our kinesiologists can help you stay motivated and reach your goals.  


"All movement, no matter what its nature, is creative"
Edgar Allan Poe


"Happiness is born of air, light and freedom of movement"
Friedrich Nietzsche


"There can be no health without enough movement every day"
Arthur Schopenhauer

CAGE queenax

This versatile apparatus offers hundreds of exercises with a wide variety of possible benefits: increased functional strength (strength used daily), reinforced core, improved balance and posture. Ideal for people who spend a lot of time seated.

La SkillmillTM Connect

SKILLMILL ™ CONNECT helps improve strength, speed and agility, giving you all the benefits of professional sports training in a safe, friendly environment. It's a unique apparatus that offers a wide variety of workout routines.

Concept2 skierg

The many benefits of cross-country skiing are available to all. Concept2 SkiErg helps develop the strength and endurance of your arms, legs and core. Its advanced monitor displays your performance data immediately and with precision. It's the ideal off-track workout for elite skiers or weekend enthusiasts.

Système Polar

The Polar System is a portable apparatus that measures the immediate effects of exercise on your pulse. Not all gyms insist that trainers measure their clients' pulse during a workout. Some simply observe their clients or ask them to express how they're feeling. That isn't enough.

Without measuring your pulse, a trainer can't know how long you spend in the ideal effort zone or how quickly you recover so they can adjust the length of recovery times between your effort. Get your Polar belt at GM Gym and stay right on track.

Horaire GM GYM

Services included in membership

- Weight-lifting apparatuses and free weights. Cardio apparatuses.
- 50% discount on your first physical evaluation. 
- Free FMS functional movement evaluation.
- Group classes in the Cardio+ studio.
- Appointment with a kinesiologist. 



Standard Plan
$60+tx/month - 12 months contract.

Residents' Plan* 
$45+tx/month - 12 months contract.

Prices subject to change without notice.
* Coorporate residents included.

Individual services

- Training session with kinesiologist
- SC3 Spinning Studio
- Performance Zone
- Private Training
- Semi-Private Training - 2 members
- Semi-Private Training - 3 members
- Body Composition Analysis
- Functional Movement Evaluation (FMS)
- Physical Evaluation

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